The safety of the client is my first priority. So please read this before you are thinking about getting a microblading treatment.

Contradictions - when microblading will not be done:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Why? The numbing agent lidocaine may cause theoretical damage to the embryo. You can take the treatment, only if your doctor allows for it. In this case, the responsibility is on the doctor. When breastfeeding, the hormonal (un)balance might cause the pigment to fade too early. 
  • If you have hepatitis C or B,  HIV, anemia, autoimmunic disease (lupus) or you are undergoing cancer treatments. Why? The medication leads to pigment disappearing from your system, so the brow will not last as wished.
  • If you have been treated with botox on the forehead area less than 2 weeks prior the treatment. Why? The muscles on the forehead are relaxed, and not on their normal position. This might lead the brows settling uneven due to the unnatural muscle tension.
  • If you are under 18 years. (17-years old, accompanied by their parents, can have the treatment if their parents sign the contract for them).
  • If you have the tendency to build keloid scars, or if you have sebum plugs on the brow area- on other places of the body it is not a problem.